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Laying the Foundation for Future Homes and Offices

With over 33 years of construction experience in an array of project types, we always build with our community and environment in mind. Our construction companies allow the vertical integration of Nan Fung’s in-house developments. Having worked with private developers and the public sector, our companies are well-recognised with an extensive portfolio. Both companies have received various accolades for their outstanding work as advocates for quality at a sustainable cost.

Our Values

Driven by Design
Our BIM-ready team provides end-to-end services, from design-stage clash analysis to post-handover support.
Quality is Our Cornerstone
We inspect hold points comprehensively and support developers in at least 3 iterative rounds unit inspections before handover.
Cutting-edge Innovation
We develop systems and mobile applications that enable us to manage and measure our work efficiently.
Committed to Safety
We pride ourselves in leading the industry safety record and operating projects in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner.

Chun Yip Construction Company Limited

Established in 1985, Chun Yip has been involved in various residential, industrial and commercial developments. Chun Yip is simultaneously qualified as Registered General Building Contractor and Approved Contractor for Public Works at Group C on probation under the “Buildings” category. Chun Yip is authorized and has the expertise to carry out building works approved by the Building Authorities, as well as other specialist works including interior fitting out, A&A works, and building maintenance works.


Registered Contractors under the Buildings Ordinance
  • Registered General Building Contractor
​​Approved List of Contractors for Public Works under the Development Bureau
  • Buildings – Group C​
Approved List of Contractors under Hong Kong Housing Authority
  • Building Contractor – Group NW2​
Other Business
Our vertically integrated team allows us to branch out to related disciplines