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11 Mar 2022

Nan Fung Group Joins Forces with Businesses to launch the Compassionate Anti-Epidemic Circuit The D. H. Chen Foundation Collaborates with Non-profit Organisations to Fight the Pandemic

As the fifth wave of the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread across the city, Nan Fung Group (Nan Fung/the Group) announced the launch of the “Nan Fung Compassionate Anti-Epidemic Circuit” project. To date, Nan Fung together with The D. H. Chen Foundation (the Foundation), have made a donation of HK$30 million, focusing on a series of tailor-made measures to support Hong Kong in its battle against the pandemic.

As Hong Kong faces unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic, Nan Fung wishes to act as a bridge in the society, taking the initiative to connect various communities, tenants, business partners, non-profit organisations, employees and underprivileged families to get through this difficult time together. In addition to donating anti-epidemic supplies, Nan Fung has also tailor-made caring initiatives for different stakeholders of the Group.

At the same time, the Group understands tenants’ businesses have been severely affected by the fifth wave of the pandemic. In addition to providing rental concessions to our tenants on a case-by-case basis, Nan Fung also purchased anti-epidemic supplies and food packs from tenants to keep their businesses afloat. Nan Fung has also teamed up with Food Angel and St. James’ Settlement to distribute the supplies to over 30,000 underprivileged individuals. Furthermore, the Group is also aware of the importance of the mental health of individuals during this very challenging period. Therefore, the Group has partnered with social enterprises and educational institutions to launch educational and mindfulness related videos.

Caring for the public – Building a compassionate anti-epidemic circuit with partners and tenants

Nan Fung has donated HK$10 million worth of relief materials like food packs and vouchers from its tenants and partnered with Food Co (operated by St. James’ Settlement) and Food Angel to distribute the supplies to over 30,000 underprivileged individuals.

The Group also donated over 12,000 rapid test kits to 15 non-profit organisations for distribution to cleaners, domestic helpers, residents in subdivided flats, taxi & truck drivers, homes for children and elderly, and 5,000 rapid test kits to frontline staff of five homes and nine rehabilitation service centres operated by the Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service, LC-HKS portfolio.

Courtyard by Marriott Hong Kong Hotel in Sha Tin, a 524-room hotel facility, has been operating as a designated quarantine quarter for foreign domestic helpers since November 2021, and the Group has also submitted the registration of intention to the Government to participate in the Community Isolation Facility Hotel Scheme.

The Group’s community initiative “In Time Of” will launch an online channel featuring a wide range of edutainment and mindfulness related programmes for all ages. The channel will offer programs supporting students’ home learning and offering a variety of entertainment options to the public. For further details, please visit www.intimeof.com.

Caring for the neighbourhood Joining hands to support the daily needs of the Nan Fung community

Care packs and meal box delivery service will be offered by property management staff to residents required to undergo quarantine under the “Stay Home Safe” scheme at properties managed by the Group. Services like rapid test kits ordering and door-to-door specimen collection will also be available to residents in the Nan Fung community.

The Mills, a project by the Group situated in Tsuen Wan, will be distributing care packs to elderly centres, underprivileged families and individuals in the Tsuen Wan district.

Vending machines for rapid test kits will also be installed at selected Nan Fung retail and residential portfolios like the TKO Plaza and The Mills.

Caring for employees – Offering comprehensive support to frontline property management staff

The Group has allocated HK$ 7 million for healthcare support and subsidy to around 2,000 frontline property management staff. Measures include hardship allowances, tailor-made care packs, vaccination leave, counselling hotlines, testing arrangements as well as accommodation subsidies for employees working at premises affected by the pandemic and required to undergo quarantine.

The D. H. Chen Foundation – putting compassion into philanthropic action

The D. H. Chen Foundation is a Hong Kong family philanthropic trust established by the founder of Nan Fung Group, Dr. Chen Din Hwa. The Foundation is working actively with various partners to provide assistance to the community. With the support of The Foundation, St. James’ Settlement and The Hong Kong Council of Social Service has launched an “Accommodation subsidy programme for frontline staff at elderly homes” providing up to HK$500 per person a day for up to 30 days for over 200 frontline staff.

The Foundation also donated 40 disinfection machines and air purifiers respectively to the Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service to carry out disinfection services at 87 residential care homes for the elderly.

In addition, The Foundation further donated 5,000 care packs prepared by St. James’ Settlement containing supplies like rapid test kits, protective gear and supplements for distribution to users of “656carer.com” and other home-carers.

Since The D. H. Chen Foundation is mindful of the great importance of the mental health of individuals during the pandemic, the Foundation is also leading a series of mindfulness sessions online conducted by professional facilitators, free of charge, for the community to unwind during challenging times like this. For details, please refer to: https://bit.ly/3IqoJr7 .

The Group and the Foundation would like to express our deepest respect to those fighting against the pandemic. It is the Group and the Foundation’s hope that the pandemic will come to an end soon with the concerted effort of various stakeholders in the society.