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16 Oct 2023

Nan Fung Group marks a new milestone for Kai Tak as the iconic 700,000 sq. ft. AIRSIDE shopping mall soft opens

Hong Kong, 28 September 2023 – Nan Fung Group (Nan Fung) is pleased to announce the official soft opening of AIRSIDE, an all-new 700,000 sq. ft. shopping mall in the vibrant Kai Tak district. Visitors can now enjoy convenient access to AIRSIDE through Exit C at the Kai Tak MTR station – directly connected to the mall, with a footbridge leading to the San Po Kong district and the Inland Revenue Centre. Set to emerge as Kowloon’s vibrant new leisure and cultural landmark, AIRSIDE vows to deliver an immersive and enriching experience for all.


Situated in a prime location in the heart of Kowloon and boasting direct connectivity to the Kai Tak MTR station, AIRSIDE is a 1.9 million sq. ft., 47-storey mixed-use commercial landmark seamlessly integrated into the area’s comprehensive and convenient local and cross-border transportation networks. The development comprises a 32-storey Grade A office building and an expansive 700,000 sq. ft. multi-storey shopping mall, bringing together a diverse selection of dining, retail, and lifestyle brands.


AIRSIDE presents a unique and new urban lifestyle concept of “Wholeness” that nurtures the connection between humans and nature through the intersection of art, eco-consciousness, and a low-carbon lifestyle, with the ultimate goal of building a sustainable and resilient society together. AIRSIDE is the first building in Hong Kong to receive seven of the most recognised green and smart building certifications, with a total of 6,000 sq. ft. of urban farming spaces within the mall. Additionally, with dedicated art and cultural spaces spanning over 10,000 sq. ft., including the newly established GATE33 Gallery curated by a team of art professionals, AIRSIDE is set to become a new hub for creativity and sustainability.


As a tribute to the site’s airport legacy, the opening festivities at AIRSIDE revolve around the aviation theme of “Up In AIRSIDE”. Through collaborations with a number of brands from different sectors, the mall presents an exciting line-up of activities combining leisure, music, and entertainment running from September to October. These include Weekend Markets, the “SMILEY MOMENT” instagrammable exhibition, together with music exhibitions and live gigs presented by TONE Music, all of which come together to infuse Kai Tak with a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere.


Travel back in time to the Kai Tak Airport through immersive exhibitions and experience the thrill of flying

“AIRSIDE” is a term used in the aviation industry to denote the restricted area in airports beyond customs and immigration checkpoints. The name for the new landmark was chosen by Nan Fung to pay homage to the site’s previous incarnation as Kai Tak Airport, and signify a new journey towards unparalleled urban experiences. Visitors to AIRSIDE can embark on a remarkable exploration that transports them beyond the ordinary, everyday world.


Under the theme of “Up In AIRSIDE”, the campaign will feature an interactive exhibition known as “Desire to Fly” starting from today until November 12th. In addition to an aircraft display, visitors can embark on an extraordinary adventure through an immersive flight simulation experience and participate in workshops held in various spaces throughout the mall.


The “Desire to Fly” exhibition takes centre stage in the opening campaign of the AIRSIDE mall. The journey of imagination begins at the specially curated “Idea Cloud” exhibition space on the 2/F atrium of the mall and extends to the GATE33 gallery on 3/F. Generously supported by Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited, the exhibition showcases over 200 pieces of historical artefacts provided by their archives custodian, Swire Archives. Alongside these are personal collections contributed by seasoned aviators, including flight logbooks, photos of the former airport, travel posters, flight maps, old boarding passes and more, all of which illustrate the rich and glorious history of the Kai Tak Airport. Echoing a spectrum of visual artworks, installations, and interactive designs created by 21 talented local artists, the exhibition expresses our innate human yearning to soar free and welcomes guests to rediscover the possibilities to flying, inviting them to imagine a world beyond the ordinary through multi-sensory experiences.


The exhibition will also extend to the G/F of the AIRSIDE mall, where visitors will encounter a real, full-sized single-engine “Beagle Pup 100” aircraft (identified as G-AWEC) making its debut – the first to ever be showcased in a Hong Kong shopping mall. The plane was piloted by the legendary Chin Brothers, Dominic and Francis, during a thrilling 30-day journey across 14 countries from the UK. On the evening of January 8, 1972, they successfully landed the aircraft at Kai Tak Airport, setting three Hong Kong aviation records and one world record. By visiting the AIRSIDE mall, aviation enthusiasts will have the incredible opportunity to admire this aircraft up close and capture moments with it for an unforgettable experience.

As part of the opening celebration, the AIRSIDE mall will also feature an exclusive flight experience zone for visitors to enjoy the thrill of soaring. Beyond captivating photo spots meticulously designed for capturing unforgettable moments, visitors can venture into exhilarating flight simulations and experience the global sensation of Drone Soccer.


Whether you are an adult seeking an adrenaline rush or a child with dreams of soaring high into the clouds, you can indulge in a variety of thrilling activities for a taste of the boundless sky. For those with a passion for creativity, don’t miss the engaging Paper Airplane workshop, where participants can learn different folding techniques and ideal throwing angles while gaining insights into the impact of aircraft structures on flight.

Visitors can purchase or redeem tickets for the flight experience zone and effortlessly reserve a spot through the NF Touch App. Please refer to Appendix (1) for detailed activity schedules and ticketing information.


Celebrate a fun-filled Mid-Autumn Festival beneath the 5-meter “SMILEY” moon installation with three spectacular events

AIRSIDE is thrilled to announce the launch of the “AIRSIDE Weekend Market” from September 30th to October 15th, open on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. Covering seven days over three weeks, the market will showcase over 50 captivating food and lifestyle brands for visitors to experience a wide array of delightful treats and discover an unique assortment of products.


The “AIRSIDE Weekend Market” offers a variety of must-try delicacies, such as signature desserts from the popular Insta-famous bakery, the mochiffon.cake, and delectable cake rolls from Happy Roller. Have a bite of local dishes and sauces of fresh ingredients made from Yi O Farm, and discover an array of specialty potted plants from Forest Round Round, a local one-stop botanical shop. 


Craft beer enthusiasts won’t want to miss out on the unique flavours from the handcrafted beer brand Hong Kong Whistle. Herbs’Oil, an esteemed skincare brand from Hawaii, offers skincare products crafted from a blend of traditional and effective herbal extracts and modern science. Be sure to gather your friends for culinary delights, retail therapy, and a treasure hunt for your favourite items!


As an up-and-coming hub for creativity and collaboration, AIRSIDE has joined hands with music brand TONE Music and an exciting lineup of emerging artists to create shake up the local music scene! Immerse yourself in the AIRSIDE mall music zone, to see a showcase of “TONE Music Awards 2022/2023” nominees and cast a vote for the song that has been playing on repeat. TONE Music will also bring an electrifying live music experience to AIRSIDE with six “TONE Live at AIRSIDE” livestreams, co-hosted by Jan Curious, one of the founders of TONE Music, and the popular boy band JFFT.


No weekend rave is complete without live gigs. Starting from September 30th, AIRSIDE will be hosting a series of live performances byindie singer-songwriters and bands for five consecutive weeks! Kicking off the first weekend, VAL and Natalie from the girl group STRAYZ, rock band Nowhere Boys featuring five boys with completely different styles, local independent singer-songwriter Lili Forest, four-girl band WHIZZ and “King Maker V” contestant Mark Chan will take turns to rock the AIRSIDE stage.


The performance lineup for “Hello Future! Music Weekends” performances, presented by TONE Music, will also include Wilson Ng Lam Fung, mansonvibes, indie musician Goochan, the YouTuber-turned-musician duo N9, composed of “Trial and Error” members Neo Yau and Ernest Poon, local rising star Thaimay, Hong Kong rapper Triple G and Sinnie Ng etc. Make sure to mark your calendars and immerse yourself in these incredible performances!


AIRSIDE collaborates with SmileyWorld®️ to present the “SMILEY MOMENT” exhibition, where every corner is adorned with an array of iconic smile faces of SmileyWorld®️, creating a grand tapestry of happiness. This magnificent area transforms AIRSIDE into a captivating haven for photo opportunities, allowing visitors to capture countless moments of laughter and joy. With its sense of enchantment, AIRSIDE’s outdoor plaza will also showcase a mesmerizing installation of a towering five-meter SmileyWorld®️ smile moon, providing a whimsical and awe-inspiring decoration to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and create cherished memories for all visitors.


Explore worldwide gastronomic wonders at AIRSIDE, with low-carbon menus embodying the “Wholeness” concept
As an irresistible culinary paradise, AIRSIDE mall is home to over 40 F&B outlets, sure to captivate food enthusiasts with a diverse range of international flavours. From enticing Asian delicacies to exquisite global gastronomy, as well as local cuisines, boutique bakeries, instagrammable cafés, tea houses, and more, there is something to savour for every palate.


In addition to the iconic Japanese matcha heaven, nana’s green tea, Western steakhouse Chef’s Cuts, Korean barbecue and traditional Busan cuisine Yuk Mi Jeong Dam (유명진의 육미정담), signature roast duck specialty restaurant Ah Bu Duck and contemporary Chinese cuisine LUNA are all ready to deliver unparalleled culinary temptations. A cherry on top of the exquisite lineup, KAGURA, the acclaimed Hokkaido yakiniku restaurant, presents a premium and authentic Japanese barbecue experience showcasing their organic Mirai Beef, also known as Future Beef. Moreover, the soon-to-be-launched Tea Château’s newest outlet at AIRSIDE mall marks the brand’s inaugural handcrafted tea shop in Hong Kong. Visitors will be delighted bya series of specialty handcrafted drinks meticulously prepared by tea artisans and brewed with the brand’s selected tea capsules and natural monk fruit sweetener. This harmonious blend of exquisite flavours, wellness, and traditional tea provides a truly unique and gratifying tea-drinking experience.

AIRSIDE’s visionary concept of “Wholeness” extends far beyond its culinary offerings. Itencompasses a steadfast commitment to sustainability, achieved through active landlord-tenant collaboration. Joining hands with GOOCA, which specialises in al fresco Western cuisine, and Homebake, a premium bakery, they will be developing offering delicious and healthy low-carbon menus from locally sourced ingredients at AIRSIDE mall. Diners can relish their culinary delicacies while effortlessly cultivating eco-friendly habits. Additionally, GOOCA will collaborate with local non-profit organisations, such as Food Angel and leftover food apps, to tackle the problem of food waste and create a positive impact on the environment.


Specialty brands and leisure offerings elevate and redefine the new urban lifestyle

The 700,000 sq. ft. AIRSIDE mall provides everything needed for daily life and offers cultural, leisure, and green lifestyle experiences for customers of all ages. This includes a wide range of local and internationally-renowned brands, diverse international cuisines, top-notch entertainment options, and a variety of retail offerings.


The MCL AIRSIDE Cinema spans over 33,000 sq. ft. and comprises 7 cinema houses, accommodating up to 900 movie-goers. It features a special mega screen theatre called LUXE: A RealD Experience with a built-in revolutionary RealD Ultimate Screen measuring 19 meters by 9 meters. The advanced technology delivers stunning visuals and immersive experiences for both 2D and 3D movies. The theatre is also equipped with a Dolby Atmos sound system, providing a top-notch mega screen entertainment experience.


Following the earlier announcement of the Japanese lifestyle brand MUJI, which occupies over 12,000 sq. ft., the German luxury household appliance brand Miele will also open its first “Miele Experience Centre Kai Tak” at the AIRSIDE mall. Miele will partner with eco-conscious changemakers to organise various workshops and experiences, along with a recycling programme, aimed at advocating for an eco-friendly lifestyle.


Furthermore, the well-known coffee brand Nespresso is set to open its first experiential boutique in Asia at the AIRSIDE mall, following its successful launches in the United Kingdom and Canada. Exclusively available at the AIRSIDE mall, customers will have the opportunity to delve into Nespresso’s unique and sustainable circular system, RE:FARM. The recycling machines on display will demonstrate the process of separating aluminium from used coffee capsules and repurposing it as fertilizer for urban farming at AIRSIDE, thereby promoting an on-site sustainable lifestyle.


AIRSIDE mall offers a diverse selection of original and local brands, including boutique designer brand B’IN Select, handmade crafts and accessories​ brand White Market, selective specialty shop GARIAN featuring lifestyle products handpicked from around the world, creative brand HIUCHI, which specializes in illustration, pottery, and lifestyle products, and fashion jewellery store Plaform O. Shoppers can also explore delightful Hong Kong handicrafts at Fingers Work X The Wax Can. These distinctive brands contribute to a sophisticated shopping experience at AIRSIDE.


Pinkoi, the Taiwanese online marketplace for original designs and handicrafts, will be launching a “Pinkoi Autumn Pop-up Store” during the opening period. In addition to showcasing their popular gourmet offerings, Pinkoi will also feature the “Pinkoi x SOUSOU Collection”, a collaboration with the Japanese Kyoto cultural and creative brand SOUSOU. Over 200 crossover products will be unveiled and made publicly available for purchase in the physical store at AIRSIDE. The mega lifestyle speciality store city’super, covering an area of 25,000 sq. ft., along with Hong Kong’s first large-scale indoor surfing centre, will also be opening at the AIRSIDE mall.


Moreover, as a pet-friendly shopping destination, AIRSIDE mall will feature dedicated pet shops that cater to the needs of both owners and their furry friends. These stores include HOLA il colpo Hair & Pets, the first pet grooming and care service under the prestigious hairdressing and beauty group IL COLPO Group; All Japan Pet, a Japanese-style pet boutique that offers high-quality Japanese pet products and traditional yukata with photogenic spots; Purr’Licious, a dedicated entertainment space for cats with a range of premium cat treats, toys, and training services on offer; and Ruff & Fetch, an airport-themed pet retail store with self-service pet care, rehabilitation facilities, and a pet social space. A series of pet-themed activities will also be held throughout the opening period, with facilities, workshops, and gatherings specifically designed for furry friends. AIRSIDE visitors can look forward to creating countless “paw-fect” moments and enjoying quality time with their beloved pets.


Comprehensive green facilities foster a community of “Wholeness”

AIRSIDE advocates a unique urban lifestyle concept of “Wholeness”, promoting the harmonious cohabitation of humans and nature. Designed by Snøhetta, an internationally acclaimed architectural and design firm, the architectural design and facilities of AIRSIDE draw inspiration from a seamless integration of the complex with the natural environment – an exemplification of Nan Fung’s unwavering dedication and commitment to sustainability, as well as its vision to create a resilient community.

With over one-third of the site dedicated to green spaces, AIRSIDE offers approximately 18,000 sq. ft. of tranquil open areas for the public and tenants. These include rooftop garden, an amphitheatre, and urban farms. The rooftop garden on the 6/F of AIRSIDE features a variety of tropical plants and native flora, allowing visitors to appreciate the city’s rich biodiversity while surrounded by lush greenery against the gleaming skyline. Moreover, AIRSIDE houses a 6,000 sq. ft. urban farm – for one, AIR FARM on the 2/F of the mall is home to over 50 varieties of seasonal crops. In addition to organising regular urban farming workshops for the public and tenants, AIRSIDE will also supply harvested produce to F&B outlets in the mall, offering a true farm-to-table experience for visitors. The remaining produce will be shared with the community and charitable organisations in need, promoting a low-carbon-footprint lifestyle and nature-based solutions to the public, bringing the “Wholeness” concept to life at AIRSIDE.


AIRSIDE has also introduced a range of innovative facilities that adhere to international standards, including Hong Kong’s first-ever Automatic Refuse Collection System, a smart bicycle parking system, and 850 car parking spaces equipped with electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities. As the first commercial development in Hong Kong to adopt the Electrical & Mechanical Services Department’s (EMSD) Kai Tak District Cooling System (DCS), AIRSIDE further demonstrates its commitment to sustainability, marking it as one of the most environmentally-friendly developments in town.


As a special offer during the opening period, customers can enjoy complimentary parking privileges at AIRSIDE by presenting designated receipts. Please refer to Appendix (2) for more details.


 For High-Resolution photos, please download from the Dropbox link.


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Chloe Hung / Mandy Chan
E: chloe@chancecomm.com / mandy@chancecomm.com

T: +852 6334 6038 / +852 9170 1121


About Nan Fung Group
Nan Fung Development Limited is a subsidiary of Nan Fung Group, one of the largest privately held conglomerates in Hong Kong with global interests in real estate development and investment. Nan Fung holds a well-diversified and substantial financial investment portfolio. The Group was founded in 1954 and has a track record spanning more than 50 years with over 165 projects including residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The Group also strategically focuses on first-tier cities in mainland China and recognises attractive opportunities for development and investment overseas, including New York and London.

In recent years, the Group has expanded its investment focus to ICE (Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship), exemplified by its signature project, The Mills, a revitalisation of its legacy yarn factories into a hub promoting techstyle (intersection of technology and style) and an integrated destination housing an experiential shopfloor, startup incubator, and cultural museum. The Group has also made significant progress in investments related to life sciences in the US via Pivotal; and in mainland China via an affiliate, New Frontier, which focuses on healthcare, elderly care, education, and new technology.


Appendix (1): Up In AIRSIDEOpening Campaign

“Desire to Fly” Exhibition
Exhibition Period:
28 September 2023 to 12 November 2023
Opening Hours:
10:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M.
AIRSIDE 2/F Atrium and 3/F Gate 33 Gallery
Free Admission

Up In AIRSIDE Flight Experience Zone

Ticket Purchasing

(“Up In AIRSIDE” 30-min Reimagined Flying Journey )


Ticket Includes:

·       Passport Photo Shot x 1

·       Free Refreshment x 1

·       Access to Reimagined Cabin Installation


(“Up In AIRSIDE” 1-hr Flight Experience)

Ticket Includes:

·       Passport Photo Shot x 1

·       Free Refreshment x 1 @ Up In AIRSIDE Lounge

·       Access to Reimagined Cabin Installation

·       Goal in Drone Soccer (10-min)

·       Immersive Pilot Adventure (10-min)

·       Fly Through Tic-Tac-Toe (10-min)

Ticket Redemption
Spend a minimum of HK$500 via electronic payment at AIRSIDE mall on the same day (with a maximum of two receipts from two different merchants) Eligible to redeem 1 entry ticket for the “Up In AIRSIDE” 1-hr Flight Experience (valued at HK$180)*
Spend a minimum of HK$800 via electronic payment at AIRSIDE mall on the same day (with a maximum of two receipts from two different merchants) Eligible to redeem 2 entry tickets for the “Up In AIRSIDE” 1-hr Flight Experience (valued at HK$360)*

*Voucher is valid for 7 days after issuance


Appendix (2): AIRSIDE Opening Parking Offers
Redemption Location: AIRSIDE G/F & 2/F Concierge

*For each parking entry or exit, customers can only select and enjoy one parking privilege at a time

*Each car entry will be eligible for a maximum of 5 complimentary hours

*NF Touch members can enjoy an additional hour of free parking

Spending Requirement Parking Offer
Present up to 2 same-day electronic spending receipt(s) of HK$200 or above from different merchants


Monday to Friday: 2 hours



Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 1 hour
Present up to 2 same-day electronic spending receipt(s) of HK$400 or above from different merchants Monday to Friday: 4 hours


Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 3 hours
Present a same-day electronic spending receipt of HK$200 or above, issued after 5pm, from Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays) (Monday to Friday after 5pm on the same day)

4 hours

Present 2 same-day MCL AIRSIDE movie tickets


2 hours
Earn ONE Free Parking hours with 600 NF Points (Please redeem via NF Touch Mobile App)


Appendix (3): AIRSIDE Opening Spending Rewards


Spending Rewards
Same-day minimum spending AIRSIDE e-shopping voucher “Up In AIRSIDE” Ticket (Valued at HK$180/ticket)
HK$500 HK$30 1
HK$800 HK$100 2
HK$1,200 HK$200* 2

*Two HK$100 AIRSIDE Shopping e-Coupons



Appendix (4): AIRSIDE x TONE Music Live Music Performance Details

Hello Future! Music Weekends

Time: 5:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M. // Date: October 7th, 14th, 21th, 29th // Location: AIRSIDE G/F Plaza

Artist Line-up
October 7 October 14 October 21 October 29
·       N9

·       Triple G

·       Thaimay

·       iiiIrisLiu


·       Jan Curious @R.O.O.T.

·       mansonvibes

·       Gordon Flanders(Urban)

·       Goochan

·       Ng Lam Fung

·       before the night ends

·       Kendy Suen

·       SINNIE Ng

·       Lowa & Helen So

·       KOLOR


Other Music Performance

Time: 4:00 P.M. – 5:30 P.M. // Date: September 30, October 1st,2nd,8th,15th, 22nd // Location: AIRSIDE G/F Plaza

Time/ Date September 30 October 1 October 2 October 8 October 15 October 22
4:00 – 4:30PM


VAL Nowhere boys WHIZZ Bojai Sing John Chiang
5:00 – 5:30PM


Natalie Lili Forest Mark Chan JollyB & Angus Ivy Sammi Tse


Appendix (5) : AIRSIDE restaurants and eateries

Asian Ah Bu Duck

Chatterbox Café


Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao

Goobne Chicken


Kyoto Katsugyu


Master’s Cauldron

Nam Nam Vietnamese Cuisine


Paradise Dynasty Signature

Uogashi NihonIchi

Yakiniku KAGURA

Yuk Mi Jeong Dam (유명진의 육미정담)

Asura (Coming Soon)

Pickabowl (Coming Soon)

TAI ER (Coming Soon)




Chef’s Cuts



Terrace in Seaside

Bellavista (Coming Soon)



TREEHOUSE (Coming Soon)

Desserts, Confectionery & Bakeries


AIRSIDE Pâtisserie

Artemis By Déesses




Kee Wah Bakery

La Création Premium


nana’s green tea

Shaz Confections

Smile™ Froyo . Cake . Gift

Café & Others Amour De Fruit Grande

Gong Fu Teahouse

Grind & Brew


le jus – Natural Smoothies


Relish Kitchen by A LOT

Sake Moment

Starbucks Reserve

Lam Heung Ling Lemon Tea (Coming Soon)

Tea Château (Coming Soon)

Foodmuse Blessed Alley

De Viet Pho Express


Pepper Lunch Express

Premium Gin Curry

Pretty Phoenix

Shan Cheng Noodle

Sushi Ten

Taiwan Bento

Tiger Ramen

Today Hangang


Appendix (6):  AIRSIDE Information List


Gross floor area ·       1.9 million sq. ft. mixed-use commercial development

·        200m-high skyscraper

·         47-storey multi-complex

·        Grade A office and a multi-storey shopping mall with an interconnected underground
shopping street

Commercial Space


·       32-storey Grade A office, gross floor area of 1.2 million sq. ft.

·       The largest floor plates amount to approx. 32,000-53,000 sq. ft.

·       Connected floors from the 10th to 18th floor, with a floorplate of 53,000 sq. ft.

Shopping Mall Up to 700,000 sq. ft.
Design architect Snøhetta
Seven highly recognised





WELL Core Platinum – AIRSIDE Office (International Well Building Institute)
LEED v4 Building Design and Construction: Core and Shell Development – Platinum (U.S Green Building Council & Green Business Certification Inc.)
BEAM Plus Neighbourhood (ND) V1.0 Platinum (Hong Kong Green Building Council)
BEAM Plus New Building (NB) V1.2 Platinum Provisional Certificate (Hong Kong Green Building Council)
Certificate of Green Building Design Label – 3 Stars (China Green Building (HK) Council)Platinum WiredScore and SmartScore Certifications
Advanced sustainable facilities


First in Hong Kong to employ an Automatic Refuse Collection System
First commercial complex in Hong Kong to be connected to the Kai Tak District Cooling System (DCS)
First in Hong Kong to introduce an Automatic Bicycle Parking System
Largest commercial-building PV farm in Hong Kong with walkable and monocrystalline PV
Carpark Offers 850 parking spaces, 100% equipped with EV charging facilities 48 bicycle parking spaces
Soft Opening 28 September 2023
Opening Hours 10A.M. to 10P.M.